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A culture of inquiry and evidence to unlock critical thinking and creativity based on an exchange of ideas and research around common themes and phenomenon learning.
 Improving learning outcomes through education technology and innovative assessment methods that support and inform instruction, provide accurate information
about what students know and can do, and measure student achievement to bridge gender and achievement gaps, preparing students for college readiness. 

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Since 2001, the model has been proven successfully in improving academic achievement, imparting important skills in K-12 students. We have connected teachers around

the world through the work of a pioneering groups of educators, scientists, government ministries and others. 

Knowledge building is a pedagogy that moves education toward collaborative deep learning through inquiry and problem solving. It invalidates the current methods of

teaching where a single subject is taught in an isolated classroom. Instead, it supports collaborative learning environments that mirror today's most successful research

teams, businesses, hospitals and classrooms that have one thing in common: they know how to transform individual ideas into collective knowledge. Researchers call

these organizations knowledge-building communities, places where...
                                                                                           ... every individual contributes to a growing body of information
                                                                                           ... the creation of new knowledge is everyone's most important work.

The main tool of the ALTE Global Learning Ecosystem consist of the electronic workspace, the Knowledge Forum, built on the 20+ year research on knowledge communities

by Marlene Scadamalia and Carl Bereiter at the University of Toronto, with embedded Java applets that support assessment of learning outcomes. The research of

Jianwei Zhang at the University of Albany explores technology-enabled learning designs to engage students in sustained, creative knowledge work across content areas

and school years in order to prepare them for 21st century careers.  The research of Kate Bielaczyc at Clark University's Hiatt Center for Urban Education focuses on

cultivating a community of learners in K-12 classrooms.  The Knowledge Forum platform has been tested, applied, and evaluated through the efforts of trailblazing educators,

primarily Mireia Montane at the Catalonia Department of Education, where a complete and thorough evaluation at the highest levels has just been completed, Therese

Laferreire at the University of Laval, and Nancy Law at the University of Hong Kong. These three pioneers were successful in applying education technology to the classroom,

and have grown the model on which ALTE Global Learning Ecosystem was built into the international network it is today. Learn more about the various projects supported

by the ALTE model:

The Knowledge Building International Project

Partnering university research

with a practical application

in K-12 education world-wide.


Smart Cities K-12 Initiative

Bringing research tools about the challenges faced by a community

to the K-12 level


Global Education in European Schools promoting Entrepreneurship

A multi-nation consortium of universities, K-12 schools, business and government

Promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship in K-20 students


ALTE was conceptualized as a bundled product after over a decade of utilization as separate 

components of the Knowledge Building International Project (KBIP) under the knowledge-​building

model, supported​ by Knowledge Building in Action, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization: